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Site Online Search Connections

As an EndNote online administrator at your institution, you can modify the list of EndNote online connections files that appear for your users. You can also upload custom connections files created in EndNote desktop to add to or replace files in the EndNote online set.

Note: To see the administrative tab, you cannot be logged in through Roaming and your e-mail address must be designated as an EndNote online administrator. Contact your sales representative to learn more.

Selecting the EndNote online connections files for your site's list:

  1. Click the Administrator Tools tab.
  2. Click the Site Connections link.
  3. If you are administering files for multiple sites, select the institution in the site drop-down.
  4. To create a site-specific list or add files to an existing site list, select the files from the Provided By EndNote online list. Then click the Copy to My Site List button.
  5. To remove files, select the files from the Selected For My Site list. Then click the Remove from My Site List button.

Using custom connections:

Note:  Custom connection file support is limited to Z39.50 servers only. This excludes custom connection files for Web of Science™ and PubMed. 
  1. Use EndNote desktop to create and test your file.
  2. Click the Administrator Tools tab.
  3. Click the Site Connections link.
  4. If you are administering files for multiple sites, select the institution in the Site drop-down.
  5. To add a custom file, click Browse under the Custom panel to locate the custom file. Then click the Copy to Custom List button.
  6. To use only custom files, check the "Use only custom connections files" checkbox and click the Apply button.
  7. To remove custom files, select the files to remove from the Custom list. Then click Remove from Custom List button.
  • Some Online Search connections require a username, password, and possibly a groupid. These credentials are specifically configured for Z39.50 server connections and are not the same credentials used to log into a data provider's web interface. Contact the data provider to confirm what credentials to use.
  • You can add 250 custom connections files.
  • Adding a custom file that has the same name as an EndNote online default file, will replace the EndNote online default file for your users. You can revert to the EndNote online default file at any time by removing it from the custom list.
  • If you are administering files for multiple sites, you will only be able to view files for your own institution in the main EndNote online application. To confirm your changes for other institutions, you have to log in using a separate account for those institutions in a different browser.


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This help page last modified 02/18/2014