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Sorting References

By default, references are sorted by Author in ascending order by the first author’s last name and first initial in folder views and the search results lists. The current sorting is indicated by an arrow next to the column heading at the top of the page. An up arrow indicates ascending order and a down arrow indicates descending order.

You can sort references by:

  • Clicking on the Author, Year, or Title column headings at the top of the reference list to sort in ascending order by that column. Click the column heading again to switch the sort order.
  • Selecting a sort order from the Sort by drop-down list which includes times cited and dates when the references were modified or added to the library.

Online Search Results Sorting

The sorting in the Online Search Results List depends on the data source. If the data source supports sorting by the available field columns in the results list, the column headings will appear hyperlinked.

Sorting Tip

Sorting applies to the entire list of references and not just the page viewed.


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This help page last modified 02/11/2014