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Moving References

You can move a reference or group of references from a list view, quick search results, or the Reference page.

To move a reference to a different group from the Reference page:

  1. Expand the Group section at the bottom of the reference page.
  2. Update the checkboxes next to the existing groups or add a new one.

To move a reference to a different group from a list view:

  1. Locate the appropriate reference or references.
  2. Click the check box to the left of a references.
  3. Select the group from the Add to group… drop-down list box at the top of the list.
  4. Reselect the same group of references and click the Remove from Group button.


Managing References Tip

You can check multiple references, all references on the page using the Check Page checkbox, or all references in a group with the Check All checkbox.


Documentation Version 3.8.1
This help page last modified 06/25/2007