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Online Search Fields

For some Online Search Connections, the search fields in EndNote online may not match the search fields in the database's web interface. Refer to the tables below to see which database website’s search fields, or indexes, correlate with the search fields in EndNote online.

Note: This list does not represent all databases available with Online Search.

BIOSIS Previews® EndNote Search Fields
Author Author
Timespan Year
Title Title
Source Publication Journal/Secondary Title
Major Concepts Keywords
Topic Abstract

Identifying Codes

Accession Number
Identifying Codes ISSN

Current Content Connects® EndNote Search Fields
Topic All Fields
Topic/Subject (TS)
Topic/Subject (TS)
Title (TI) Title (TI)
Author/Editor (AU) Author/Editor (AU)
Address/Institution (AD) Address/Institution (AD)
Journal Title/Source (SO) Journal Title (JT)
Discipline (DI) Discipline (DI)
Topic Document Type (DT)
Language (LA) Language (LA)

Derwent Innovations IndexSM EndNote Search Fields
Topic Topic
Topic Title
Assignee Name and Code Assignee Name and Code
Assignee Name Assignee Name
Assignee Code Assignee Code
Inventor Inventor
Patent Number Patent Number
International Patent Classification International Patent Classification
Derwent Class Code Derwent Class Code
Derwent Manual Code Derwent Manual Code
Derwent Primary Accession Number Derwent Primary Accession Number

Inspec® EndNote Search Fields
Topic Any Field
Author Author


Title Title
Topic Series
Topic Keywords
Topic Inspec Subject
Topic Abstract
Identifying Code ISBN
Identifying Code ISSN

PubMed EndNote Search Fields
Any Field Any Field
Affiliation Author Affiliation
Author Author (Smith AB)
Corporate Author Corporate Name
Entrez Date Date Entered (yyyy/mm/dd)
EC/RN Number EC/RN Number

(Not Available)

Entered Between (date1:date2)

Secondary Source ID ISSN
Issue Issue
Journal Journal
Language Language
MeSH Date MeSH Date
MeSH Major Topic MeSH Major Topic

MeSH Terms

Keywords (MeSH)
Pagination Page Number
First Author Personal Name as Subject
(Not Available) PMID
Publication Date Publication Date
Publication Type Publication Type
MeSH Subheading Subheading
Substance Name Substance Name
Title/Abstract Abstract
Title Title
Volume Volume
Year Year

Web of Science™ EndNote Search Fields
Author or Group Author Author
Timespan Year
Title Title
Topic Title/Keywords/Abstract
Source Journal
Address Author Address

Did You Know...

When searching a web database, it is important to note that you are not searching the specific fields in each record, but rather the available indexes for that database.


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