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Online Search Operators

You can greatly refine your Online Search results using search operators and multiple terms. You can do this using EndNote online’s search criteria fields and connectors, or you can construct a complex search term in a single search field.

Example: (dinosaur OR (fossil AND paleo*))

If you choose to use a compound search term in a single search field, the search operators and their use depend on the Web database being searched. For example, search terms for PubMed should follow the PubMed search criteria. The same rule applies for Web of Science™.

General guidelines for constructing search phrases are below.

  • Parentheses () can be used to group search terms together.
  • An asterisk (*) is used to search for a partial term.
  • Double quotes (" ") will return references that contain the exact phrase quoted. Note: Not all sites support double quotes.



Depending on the database source used for an Online Search, a space between terms may act as an AND operator returning references containing all the search phrases.


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This help page last modified  02/14/2014