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Log-In Messages

If you are experiencing problems logging into your library, the username and/or password you entered do not match a valid EndNote online account. You can request an e-mail reminder from the login page.

Account Limit for File Attachments

After you log in, you may see a message notifying you that you are approaching your account limit. The amount of space allotted to file attachments is determined by your subscription.

Subscription Expiration

  • Purchase of EndNote X2 or later entitles you to a free subscription to EndNote online for two years. After two years, you may extend your subscription by upgrading to the latest version of EndNote.
  • Purchase of EndNote X5 or later also entitles you to store file attachments on the EndNote online server and to transfer file attachments between EndNote X5 and EndNote online.
  • If your institution has cancelled its subscription to EndNote online, you may renew your subscription individually by purchasing the latest version of EndNote desktop.
  • You may receive a subscription expiration message while attempting to use the following features: Cite While You Write, Transfer, or Capture.
  • If you are using Athens authentication, log in first to Web of Science™ and then click any of the EndNote online links to access your library.
  • If you successfully accessed EndNote online previously on the same computer, there may be an issue with conflicting cookies. Deleting cookies usually resolves this issue.

To check your account information, select the Options tab and then select the Account Information tab.

Roaming Expiration

To reactivate roaming, please log in from your institution or establish another authenticated session.

Cite While You Write Subscription Expiration

If your subscription to EndNote online has expired, you cannot use the Cite While You Write feature in Microsoft Word. To reactivate this feature, you must renew your subscription.

Cite While You Write Login Loop

If you receive a continuous login loop while using Cite While You Write for Windows, reinstall the latest Cite While You Write plug-in.

Unicode/Language Support

EndNote online is designed to work with Unicode for correct display of characters regardless of language, alphabet, or computer system. Unicode/UTF-8 character encoding affects importing, character display, and sorting and may result in certain behaviors that differ from the default local language computer system settings.

"EndNote online is unavailable. EndNote online does not currently support this service." error when using Cite While You Write or Transfer

If you are receiving this error message when using Cite While You Write in Microsoft Word or Transfer from EndNote, you must uninstall your current EndNote online plug-in, then download and install that latest plug-in.

Online Searches

  • Connections to online databases through EndNote online originate from the EndNote online server rather than your connection, so IP authentication or proxy authentication will not take place, and a username and password may be required by the online database. Contact your institution's help desk to see if they have a username and password for this resource's Z39.50 server.
  • References with no author and no year data cannot be copied to a library.
  • Some online sites do not support double quotes in the search field.

My login for an Online Search doesn't work

Some Online Search connections require a username, password, and possibly a groupid. These credentials are specifically configured for Z39.50 server connections and are not the same credentials used to log into a data provider's web interface. Contact your institution's help desk to confirm what credentials to use.

Using a public computer?

Remember to log out of your EndNote online account when leaving a public computer. This will prevent others from accessing your library or unintentionally adding references to your library instead of their own.


Refer to the FAQs for the latest information.


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