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File Attachments

Attaching Files to a Reference

  1. If you are viewing a list of references, click the file attachment button to open the File Attachments window. Then click Attach Files.
  2. If you are viewing the full reference in the View Reference window, click Attach Files.

  3. The Upload Files window allows you to upload up to five files at a time. Click Browse to find the file you want to upload. When you have selected the file(s), click Upload.

Note: If a file is no longer attached to a reference, this dialog will prompt you to reattach the file.

Managing File Attachments

  • Select Manage Attachments under the Organize tab to display a list of file and figure attachments.
  • Click the file attachment button to open the File Attachments window where you can view a list of the files attached to a single reference.

You can delete file attachments in either window. Note: If you delete a file attachment from a reference that you transferred from EndNote desktop, you must also delete the attachment from EndNote desktop. Otherwise, the attachment will reappear the next time you perform a transfer.

File Attachment Limits

  • There is no restriction to the size of a file attached to a reference. However, the total storage capacity for one account (references + attachments) is 5GB.
  • If you subscribe to EndNote X5 or later, you may attach an unlimited number of files to a reference.
  • You may transfer file attachments between EndNote desktop and EndNote online.

File Attachment Buttons

file attachment File attachment. This icon indicates that at least one file is attached to the reference.

file attachment File attachment. This icon indicates that no file is attached to the reference.

delete attachmentDelete attachment

Attachment File Types

EndNote online supports the following formats for file attachments:

  • Audio files ( WAV, MP3)
  • Microsoft Access files
  • Microsoft Excel files
  • Microsoft Power Point files
  • Microsoft Project files
  • Microsoft Visio files
  • Microsoft Word files
  • Multimedia files ( MOV, QuickTime)
  • Technical drawing files
  • Text files ( TXT, RTF, HTML)


In addition to attaching document and multimedia files files to references, you can attach figures in graphic file formats.


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This help page last modified  02/14/2014