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Direct Export

You can easily import references from many data providers using the direct export helper application extension. After installing the EndNote online plug-in for Internet Explorer or Firefox, you can search online resources and import those search results by using the same export option used for EndNote, Reference Manager, or ProCite.

Important Notes about Direct Export

  • You have to install the EndNote online plug-in for Internet Explorer or Firefox to use this feature.
  • If you have the EndNote online plug-in for Internet Explorer installed, you can choose to download references to EndNote online or another Clarivate Analytics application if one is also installed.
  • At this time, EndNote online is not able to import records from resources that do not have an identifiable mimetype defined in the export file. This limitation only applies to the Firefox plug-in.
  • For Firefox users, if you have installed Zotero, you may need to unselect Zotero's handling of RIS files in Zotero preferences.



To disable this feature in Firefox, go to the Tools->Add-ons and click EndNote online's Options button to uncheck the feature selection.

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