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Editing References

To edit a reference:

  1. Click the reference's Title link from any list view.
  2. Click in the field you wish to edit.
  3. To save the edit, click or tab outside that field. You can revert your change by clicking the Revert Reference button.
  4. Repeat for each field you would like to edit.
  5. To save or edit the reference's group associations, update the checkboxes next to the existing groups or add a new one.

Note: References that have not been saved to a group are stored in Unfiled. Unchecking all groups will move a reference to Unfiled.


If you are uncertain where to find a reference, try Quick Search using any keyword (for example, author’s last name, topic or year) the reference may contain.


  • By default, Optional Fields, including abstract, are collapsed from view.
  • Use Hide Empty Fields to collapse empty fields from view.
  • For references that you enter or edit in EndNote online, the following formatting options are available: bold, italics, underscore, superscript and subscript.


Documentation Version 3.8.1
This help page last modified 02/11/2014