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Online Search

You can perform searches of Web of Science™, PubMed, and many other library catalog and reference database sites directly through EndNote online.

  1. Click the Collect tab.
  2. In the connection file drop-down list, select the database. See Connection File Favorites to customize this list.
  3. Click the Connect button.
  4. If the site requires access authentication, enter a User ID, Password, and Group ID on the authentication screen and click Connect.

    Note: Connections to online databases through EndNote online originate from the EndNote online server rather than your connection, so IP authentication or proxy authentication will not take place, and a username and password may be required by the online database. Contact your institution's help desk to see if they have a username and password for this resource's Z39.50 server.

  5. Enter the search phrase in the Search Criteria field. See Online Search Operators for details.
  6. Select a field in the Search Field drop-down list to limit the search to a specific field.
  7. Select a connector (And, Or, or Not) from the Connector drop-down list if searching for more than one expression.
  8. Repeat steps 4-6 if appropriate.
  9. Click the Search button.
  10. Select the results range to retrieve.
  11. As the results download, you can view the initial set. Click the Refresh Results button to add to the displayed set until the download is complete.

Note: There are cases when the number of references downloaded does not match the original result count. This will occur if there are references without author and year information.

Copyright Issues and Fair Use of Downloaded Data

EndNote online gives you the capability to import references downloaded from online databases into your library. Some producers of online reference databases expressly prohibit such use and storage of their data. Others charge an extra fee for a license to use the data in this way. Before you download references from a database, be sure to carefully check the copyright and fair use notices for the database.


Search Results are not saved from one session to the next.

Search Criteria

The search phrase can be up to 348 characters.

Search Fields

Fields available in the Field drop-down list are determined by the site. Use "All Fields" for a broader search.


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This help page last modified 02/14/2014