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Installing the Cite While You Write Plug-in for Windows


To download and install the Cite While You WriteTM plug-in to use with Word or Internet Explorer for Windows:

  1. Log in to the local machine with administrative rights or as a user with program installation privileges.
  2. If an older version of the plug-in is installed, follow the uninstall instructions.
  3. Close all open windows of Microsoft® Word and Outlook®.
  4. Make sure you are logged on to EndNote in a Web browser, and then click the Download Installers link at the bottom of any page.
  5. Click the Download Windows link to save the EndNotePlugins.exe installer to your computer.
  6. Click the Run button, or Open depending on your browser, when prompted in the 'Download Complete' window. This will launch the installation program.
  7. If prompted to confirm the publisher, select Run.
  8. If prompted, select whether or not you would like EndNote online to import direct export files from data provider web sites. Do not select EndNote online if you wish to continue exporting references directly to EndNote, Reference Manager, or ProCite.
  9. Continue with the installation.
  10. On the Set Server screen, select the type of EndNote online server account you will be using.
    • Default - Select default if you are accessing EndNote online through www.myendnoteweb.com or myendnoteweb.com.
    • Advanced - If you are accessing some other EndNote online server location where the EndNote online homepage address does not match the subscription address above, select this server option.
  11. Select features. Click the drop-down to and select an option to install the feature on your hard drive. You may install both the IE plug-in and the CWYW for Word feature. Or you may install one or the other.
  12. To verify the installation of Cite While You Write, open Word and look for the Cite While You Write toolbar.
  13. To verify the installation of the Internet Explorer toolbar, open Internet Explorer and look for the EndNote online toolbar. If it is not visible, select the View menu, Toolbars and check EndNote online.


Uninstall your older version of EndNote online by going to Start > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs or Programs/Uninstall a program.

Installation Notes

  • If you have EndNote desktop installed, you do not need to install this plug-in to use Cite While You Write. See Preferences.
  • If you are using Cite While You Write for the first time, you will need to configure your login information. See Cite While You Write Preferences.
  • If I install the plug-in, do I need to use Internet Explorer? No, you can use Cite While You Write without using Internet Explorer.


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This help page last modified 02/21/2014