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Log In and Log Out

After registering with EndNote® online, you can log into your library at any time from any computer with Internet access.

To log into your library:

  1. Go to the EndNote online home page.
  2. Type your e-mail address and password in the fields indicated on the screen, or click the institutional login link.
  3. If desired, check the "Keep me logged in on this computer unless I log out." checkbox. This option keeps you logged in to your library on a specific computer until you log out of your account.
  4. Click the Log-In button.

To log out, click the Log Out link in the upper right corner of the screen.

To change your password, refer to Changing My Password.

If you receive an error message while attempting to log-on, see troubleshooting.

Tools provided with the EndNote online plug-in for Word and Internet Explorer will require that you log into your EndNote online library.  If you are not logged in, a window will appear prompting for your e-mail address and password.

Tip: If you do not remember your password, you can request an e-mail reminder from the EndNote online home page. Just click the Forgot Your Password? link.

Institutional Login

Use the institutional login link when trying to register a new account off-campus or to associate your existing EndNote online account with a university. When accessing EndNote online from off-campus, it is often necessary to select the correct group through Shibboleth. The institutional login link will bring you to the site selection list, where you choose your region, and then follow the region’s page to get to your specific university log in.

If your account is associated with a university and you log in directly instead of through institutional login, you will have roaming access to EndNote online.

Using a public computer?

Remember to log out of your EndNote online account when leaving a public computer. This will prevent others from accessing your library or unintentionally adding references to your library instead of their own.


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