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Roaming Access

EndNote online allows you to access your library from anywhere through "roaming" access. Roaming access occurs when you log into EndNote online from a computer or device that does not have an authenticated session.

Important Points about Roaming

  • Roaming is available if you have EndNote online through an institutional subscription and does not apply if you have EndNote online from an EndNote purchase.
  • You must register your account with an authenticated session before you can login with roaming access
  • If you personalized in another Clarivate Analytics product, you must log into EndNote online once with an authenticated session before you can log in with roaming access
  • You can roam for twelve months before you need to log in with an authenticated session
  • You will not see Web of Science™ links and times cited counts when roaming
  • You will not see OpenURL and Full Text links configured for your institution when roaming
  • If you have access to Web of Science, you will not be able to search Web of Science databases through Online Search when roaming
roaming icon

Roaming Icon

You will see an icon next to the greeting at the top of the page when you are logged in with roaming access. Click the icon to go to your Account Information page.


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