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Entering References

To add a new reference:
  1. From the Collect tab, click the New Reference link.
  2. Change the reference type by selecting the appropriate type from the Reference Type drop-down list box (see Reference Types for more information). The page will redisplay with the appropriate fields for that reference type.
  3. Enter the bibliographic data in each of the fields in the reference. Reference fields most commonly required for a properly formatted citation and bibliography are in the Bibliographic fields section.
  4. With the Group section expanded, check the checkboxes next to the groups to add the reference to those groups.

You can manually embed a YouTube video in a reference by following these steps:

  1. Save "Embedded Video" (case sensitive) in the 'Contents' field for Audiovisual Material reference type.
  2. Save "YouTube" (case sensitive) in the Database Provider field
  3. Save the video's URL in the URL field, which should include "v=VIDEOID" in the path.

Note: This feature is primarily for the audiovisual material reference type but some other reference types will support embedded video. If the reference type has a field labeled Contents, Original Publication, or History, you can embed a video using these steps.

Building Your Library

You can save up to 10,000 references to your library using Capture, Online Search, Import, as well as entering them in manually in your library.

How do I enter author names?


  • By default, Optional Fields, including abstract, are collapsed from view.
  • For references that you enter or edit in EndNote online, the following formatting options are available: bold, italics, underscore, superscript and subscript.


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