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Import Formats

A subset of supported services is listed below with their recommended output formats. Note that all files must be saved as plain text (.txt) files before importing into your library.

Information Provider
Recommended Download Format
Import Options
CSA (formerly Cambridge Scientific Abstracts) From the CSA search results screen, click Save/Print/E-Mail. On the Save/Print/E-Mail screen, select:

Record Format: Full Format
Save File Format: PC or Mac

Click Save. Your Web browser asks where to save the file. If your Web browser lets you save in different file formats, make sure you save as a Text Only (*.txt) file.

Various filters for CSA databases provided
CAS SciFinder Save references in the Tagged Format (*.txt). SciFinder (CAS) filter
DIALOG Set your communication software's option to capture text. Use Dialog's Format 5 with "tag" appended to the TYPE command -- type "s1/5/1-20 tag". You must download data in Format 5. If Format 5 is not available, try the "Full" format, which is sometimes the same as Format 5. For questions concerning Dialog's many formats, please contact Dialog's tech support. Various DIALOG filters provided
DIMDI Use the DLOAD command with report D1 (for example, DLOAD REPORT=D1) Various DIMDI filters provided
  1. Within your folder, select the Export option.
  2. Select the generic bibliographic management software option.
  3. Use the File>Save as command to save a text file.
Various EBSCO filters provided
  1. Perform your search and then mark references by checking the boxes to the left of each record.
  2. Click Marked Items at the top of the page.
  3. Select Citation Tools from the Tools options.
  4. Select EndNote from the list of "Export to third party software" options.
  5. Click Export.

Refman RIS
  1. Click the Enregistrer button.
  2. Select the records you wish to download.
  3. Under Quels champs? choose "Tous les champs."
  4. Under Include choose "Numéro de notice et nom de la base de données" and "Libellés abrégés."
  5. Click the Sauvegarde de notices button


Various INIST filters provided
Library of Congress Save references in the Tagged Format as a plain text (*.txt) file. OPAC (LoC)
Medscape After selecting the desired records and adding them to your clipboard, click the Save or E-Mail Clipboard link. Save or e-mail your clipboard in PC or Mac MEDLARS format as a plain text (*.txt) file. MEDLINE (Medscape) filter
OCLC FirstSearch-Web Mark those references to be saved and click Export. At the next page, choose EndNote and then click Export. Various OCLC filters provided
Ovid Web
  1. After selecting the references you wish to download, click Results Manager.
  2. Choose the following options:
  • Fields: Complete Reference
  • Citation Format: Reprint/Medlars
  1. Click the E-Mail or Save action.
  2. Save using the linefeed option.
Various Ovid filters provided
Ovid for Windows Select the Options button from within the "Save Documents" dialog box. From the list of options, choose the Output Format, then click OK. On the next screen, choose Reprint Format. Various Ovid filters provided
PsycINFO at www.apa.org After marking the records you wish to download, choose Full PsycINFO Record then click the Display Marked Records button. Select the text, then copy and paste it into a text editor, saving the file it as plain text (*.txt). PsycINFO (APA) filter
  1. In Pubmed, execute your searches to obtain search results.
  2. For multiple searches, select Clipboard from the Send to drop down in the PubMed navigation bar and click the Add to Clipboard button to save records as you work.
  3. On the search results page, use Send to: and select the File destination, Medline format and any sort option.
  4. Click Create File.
  5. When the Save dialog box comes up for you to save the file to your computer, click the Save button and save the file somewhere easily accessible such as your desktop.
    Note: If you use File>Save from your browser, instead of the Send To pull down, the file will not import.

    If you have a popup blocker enabled, you may need to disable the popup blocker temporarily to allow the PubMed website to send you the file.

PubMed (NLM) filter

In RefWorks:

  1. Select the references to export.
  2. Select the Bibliographic Software (EndNote, Reference Manager, ProCite) option.
  3. Click the Export button.
  4. Save the file in a location that will be accessible when importing later.
  5. In EndNote online, follow the Importing References instructions using the RefMan RIS Import filter.
RefMan RIS
SilverPlatter WebSPIRS, Version 5
  1. Once you've obtained your search results, click Save.
    Select the following Save Records options:
  • Which fields?: All fields
  • Include: Record number and database name
  • Field labels: Short labels
  1. Click the Save Records button. Use your Web browser to save the page as "Text Only" (do not save in HTML format).
Various SilverPlatter filters provided
Web of Science™ Alerts
  1. Use the ResearchSoft or Field Tagged citation alert format.
  2. Save the e-mail alert as a plain text file.

Select the following options:

  1. Select Saving, Citing and Formatting for bibliographic software.
  2. Select the set of marked records to export.
  3. Select All Citation Fields for the Fields option.
  4. Select Bibliographic Software for the Format option.
  5. Click Save.
WorldCat (OCLC)
  1. Mark those references to be saved and click Export.
  2. Choose Text File.
  3. Click the Export button.
WorldCat (OCLC)

Copyright Issues and Fair Use of Downloaded Data

EndNote online gives you the capability to import references downloaded from online databases into your library. Some producers of online reference databases expressly prohibit such use and storage of their data. Others charge an extra fee for a license to use the data in this way. Before you download references from a database, be sure to carefully check the copyright and fair use notices for the database.

How can I import or export Tab-delimited files?

See Tab-delimited Import and Export Instructions for more information.


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