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Edit Citation(s)

You can use the Edit Citation(s) tool to add or exclude information in the citation after the citation has been inserted, add or delete a citation, or change the order of citations in a group.

  1. In your Microsoft® Word document, highlight the citation to edit.
  2. Click the Edit Citation(s) button in the EndNote toolbar.
  3. In the Citation list at the top, click Edit Reference next to a reference in order to remove, insert or update it. Use the up and down arrows to change the order of display.
  4. The following options are available under the Edit Citation tab:
  • Exclude author – Removes the author’s name in the selected citation
  • Exclude year Removes the year in the citation in the selected citation
  • Prefix – Adds the prefix entered in the Prefix field to the citation
  • Suffix – Adds the suffix entered in the Suffix field to the citation
  • Pages – Adds the page numbers in the citation

Order Tip

If a Citation Sort Order is applied by the current output style, using this dialog to change the order of citations in a multiple citation has no effect.


Documentation Version 3.8.1
This help page last modified 02/18/2014